Will Amy live long enough?

amy winehouseAccording to the latest news,  Amy Winehouse has cancelled yet another show and is back in hospital. The singer, who won 5 Grammys in 2008, has not been able to perform most of her gigs so far this year – reportedly for health reasons.

Is she heading down the same road as Tommy Bolin (Deep Purple), John Bonham (Led Zeppelin), Jimi Hendrix, Keith Moon (Who), Sid Vicious (Sex Pistols) and so many others who died of drug/alcohol abuse?

What is it that makes musicians reach for the bottle and/or drugs? Do “troubled” musicians make the best music? Is Amy going to be one of those iconic figures who died too young?


23 Responses to Will Amy live long enough?

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  2. markjamesaitchison says:

    Not only musicians but many people with an artistic flare, such as painters, artists, movie stars and writers who live life in a hedonistic way.

    Is it better to burn out than fade away ?

  3. Young Express 3, Flamengo-RJ says:

    We think Amy will die young because she drinks and uses drugs too much. Her voice is good but the music is not that good.

  4. ISADORA GO-Sul says:

    i hate she
    she is crazy she goes to die because he use heroina

  5. fernando martins GO-sul says:

    is a good song

  6. Guilherme Cabral GO-sul says:

    She will die young and she will not have enough time to have more or equal success than the others had.She doesn’t do music like the others.I don’t like her.I think nobody can compare Jimi Hendrix or Tommy Bolin with Amy Winehouse.

  7. Heloiza GO-Sul says:

    I think she has a good voice, i like the way she sings (like Janis Joplin) , but i think she feels alone, and probably will die very young. For instance, she could be a good example of how young people shouldn´t be.

  8. hudson says:

    She looks cool, but she needs to stop with that drugs. There is a time in our life that we need to stop and think about what we are doing, think if we are doing the right thing for us and analise what´s the better way to go and just go.

  9. Geovana Reis GO-sul says:

    Maybe if she doesn´t stop drinking alcohol and using drugs, she will not live long enough. Musicians don´t need to drink alcohol or use drugs to be good. People like the music of these troubled musicians because they wrote songs about sadness, problems…

  10. Marcela,Paulo,Pâmela says:

    It’s fair to say that she has an unique style, a good voice and catchy songs, but she can’t be compared with the other troubled musicians..
    She’s just started her carreer, with few succesful songs..
    Maybe if she quits using drugs she’ll have a place within the greatests musicians ever..

  11. earthro says:

    1ºQuestion: Well… I particullary think that what makes musicans reach for drugs is that they think that if they use drugs they can be more famous.
    2ºQuestion: Uhm…Well…They don’t make “THE BEST” music, the music JUST depends on the artist skills not on drugs.
    3ºQuestion: Thats a mistery! Because this just depends on her. If she stops using drugs maybe she won’t. If not there will be a big chance of she meet some of that singers on heaven. BUT everybody knows that nobody stop using drugs at the same time she decide that won’t use anymore drugs.

    • Maria Lucia- GO says:

      I agree that noone stops use drugs quick. Is too hard, I guess. And Amy don’t have a big chance to recover. Shame! It is sad, I like very much her music.I love this song:

  12. Laura - Goiânia/GO says:

    I personally think Amy will end up like those other artists as long as she keep not carrying to her health, what I think unfortunate because she is as wonderful musician as they were. The think is people take drugs and drink alcohol because they think this will solve their problems, but this just create MORE and MORE problems, and someone can die trying to “solve a simple problem”. Amy will die soon unless she stops taking drugs and drinking alcohol to just “feel better” and solve problems. And the death is a problem she can’t solve doing that.

  13. Elisa GO- Sul says:

    She is a great singer, I believe and I hope she’ll be ok! She will die unless she stops drinking and smoking. All she needs to do is go to the clinic, and stay there.

  14. simonecorrea says:

    Would this be for the loneliness or for the stressful routine? Or even to disguise anxiety to performe to an audience? No matter what singers use(d) it for, they simply shouldn’t, I guess.

    Simone Corrêa, Águas Claras, DF.

  15. karla rocha says:

    In my point of view, I really don’t know if she will be able to overcome this problem, sometimes it seems that she doesn’t want to solve the problem. Life doesn’t make sense to her anymore.
    Well, most of people believe that become famous will be all they need to become cheery. Maybe, she has discovered that fame and power are not enough to make her happy. It’s not hard to see people who think like this. And her musics always talk about the person who she loves, but don’t love her. She is feeling lonely.

    Student – Campo Grande – RJ/RJ

  16. paivaesther says:

    In addition to doing a lot of wrong things, Amy is destroying herself with the drugs. I don’t think she is going to have a long life: her acts will destroy her life.

  17. Michelle says:

    For the first time that I listen to Amy Winehouse, on the TV, I´ve stopped and thought “My God, what is it? What a voice!” I was really impressed. Until that moment, I´ve never known about her and her serious problems. That´s a sorrow. She´s a wonderful singer, really. And I think she needs some help. How some people says “drinks and drugs are, many times, a way to escape from the reality”, it doens´t matter if you are an artist or a commom person.

  18. janaraaa says:

    I think It’s a shame what’s happening with Amy winehouse.She really need some help!Once I saw her on television,and she was making a show.Everybody was there waiting for her,so she arrived totally drunk and junkie!She couldn’t even sing!
    It’s a lack of respect what she is doing with her fãns.It doesn’t matter if she is famous or not,she has to think about herself and about her fãns.She can´t finish her story like Jimi Hendrix.

  19. vsousa352 says:

    This is lack of profissionalism.
    She shouldnt abuse the drugs knowing that before dying she has a tour to do.

  20. giovanninha says:

    I think Amy is destroying her life going to the way of the drugs and boozes. She doesn’t need to do this to feel better because she have her fans that makes her feel very well

  21. ricardoportas says:

    Amy will live 20 years for sure
    if she continued to drugs abuse

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