Vote for your favourite music decade!

What’s so great about your choice?  I’d love to know why you voted for your decade.


25 Responses to Vote for your favourite music decade!

  1. Pedro - GO - Sul says:

    I think the best music decade is 80s, Cuz this decade had many great talents and voices

  2. well, in those decades were many fantastics bands and singers, that make the diferenc on the music’s world, like beatles, black sabbath, foo fighters, franz ferdinand and many others…

  3. Fernando Henrique Donegá says:

    #1973 Dark Side of The Moon (Pink Floyd)

    #1975 Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd)
    The Snow Goose (Camel)

    #1979 The Wall (Pink Floyd)

    And a lot more. Amazing, hem?

  4. Gabi - Teacher - Freguesia RJ says:

    I guess the 90’s were so important because I became more aware of what I liked to listen and I went to my 1st Rock in Rio, which was a huge thing for me.****

  5. David says:

    David – Teacher – Goiania Sul:

    I guess every decade has its good and bad music. In Brazil the 80s were particulary important for rock music as the country was free from the military dictatorship. For the first time rock music could be really expressive. For me however,(in England) the 80s represented the decade of overproduced music. The synthesiser became the central instrument in the band making the music sound very artificial.

    I think the late 60s, 70s (progressive rock/punk) and 90s (Brit-pop) were the best.

  6. Alex says:

    Alex – Teacher – Botafogo

    The 80’s – Wow!!! New Wave, the beginning of MTV, great American and Brazilian rock and pop bands, the hair, the clothes… and so much more. Boy, was I happy back then!
    The 80’s were important to me as there were many transitions in my life: 1) from teenage into young adulthood; 2) from high school into college; 3: from my life in Brazil into a new lifestyle in America, more precisely in freezing Michigan. It was a time filled with new exciting experieces.
    For the younger generation, I wish you’d been there!!!

  7. Aurelio says:

    I reckon the best decades were the 1980’s and the 1990’s. All those extravagant colours, different styles and also the quality of the songs (lyrics + rhythm) were unique.

    Nowadays, the songs usually have the same beat and they lack on originality.

    How I miss Cindy Lauper, Erasure, A-HA, Europe, Kid Abelha (when they produced something new), and others. Those were the times…

  8. pvzin says:

    Haha, I had to vote for all the decades..
    Well in the 50s and 60s I can surely say the Beatles ruled..
    By the 70s we had Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin greatests hits..
    Over the 80s there was the eclosion of the grunge and hard rock movement, which I like a lot..
    The 90s came with all the hardcore and punkcore bands, awsome new style..
    And nowadays all those independent bands which attend to all different types of sound..

  9. We still listen to lots of bands who started in the 80’s. For me, this decade was more creative. It was more about loving music than buying it, I guess. Bands wanted to be famous, but most fo them were garage kids who got together and started a dream.

    Teacher Chris
    Freguesia Branch – Rio de Janeiro

  10. Simone Corrêa, Águas Claras says:

    The 70’s were the best years, for sure!
    Lots of great bands started playing the songs we listen to till today.


  11. karla rocha says:

    I love 50’s, because Bossa Nova started in this decade. This name was used first to define a new way to sing samba, but after it became one of the most known music style in the world. Vinicius de Moraes, João Gilberto, Tom Jobim, they are all unforgetable.

    Campo Grande Branch – Rio de Janeiro

  12. CULTURA 5 - CAMPO GRANDE says:

    We haven’t agreed… Most of us chose the 80’s but some of the students prefer the nineties (the young ones…hahahahahaahah)
    Cláudia (teacher)

  13. Eduardo YE3 says:

    I think the best decade is the 80’s, because the musics are very nice. But I like too the new musics of today.

  14. jkott says:

    Juliana – Teacher – Goiania Bueno:

    The 80’s meant a lot to me… I had a pretty much musical childhood, used to sing and dance Madonna’s and Cindy Lauper’s songs and coreographies by heart, as well as the Brazilian “Blitz” (remember?, but sweet memories… As for the 90’s, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nirvana, L7, Faith No More, Pearl Jam, to sum it up, grunge in my teenage years… went to tons of gigs, bought all the records, I really had a good time listening to rock’n roll in the 90’s. It’s hard to decide on my favourite music decade… (I’ll think some more and tell you later, ok?!)

  15. Laura - Aguas Claras/DF says:

    I guess the 70’s DISCO Era was something!!
    But I got the 90’s, cus it was the time I first listened to my fav band (they are together no more)and decided to take English seriously, meaning : I wanted to marry my idol.\o/- like 99% of teenagers..haha..-
    Anyway, I got to know him in person (he is heavenly, even in a hundred years from now, I’ll still be in love with him!!) and also met the guys from my fav band when they came to Brazil & I stayed @ the backstage.Wow!..well, now, my idol is my friend, the guys from the band keep on touch through e-mails, telephone, msn…and I still get goose bumps when I listen to ..uh..”baby I love your way”…everyday ey ey…
    from BIG MOUNTAIN.\o/

  16. Lucas says:

    The best music decade is 60s, listen the Broto Legal , and you will agree with me. ;D

  17. Lucas says:

    The best music decade is 60s, listen to Broto Legal, and will agree with me.kkkkk’ ;D

  18. Paola - Go - Sul says:

    I think this decade is awesome because of the noisy and very funny songs. But I agree with Aurelio too, 80’s are very good! =)

  19. Matheus-GO-Sul says:

    I prefer this decate because of this singers and songs:

    Souja boys
    Funk do Ronaldo e seus amigos
    Chris brown
    kd meu chinelo

  20. Murilo says:

    I prefer this decade,because there are many good singers,and many good songs

  21. Pedro says:

    I still listening many music, all decades, but I really prefer the 60’s, like Beatles.

  22. Teteche-GO Sul says:

    I guess 60’s were the most important era to rock. The best rockers in the history like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, Deep Purple, The Doors and Jethro Tull were icons at their times and influenced rocker people until today….


  23. Joyce rayanne-gosul says:

    it’s good song!

  24. Laura gaspar says:

    i prefer 2000 song!

  25. Theeo - Plus 2 (Teacher Gabi) says:

    I Guess 70’s and 80’s ‘cuz have been maids many importants bands in 70’s which influence all the bands that came after ex: Queen, Iron Iron Maiden, AC/DC, Aerosmith, The Cure and U2. But in 80’s have been maids diferents bands in alternative styles like: Metallica, Die Toten Hosen,Nirvana (when the grunge appears),Guns N’ Roses e R.E.M.

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