Talent x Fashion

Susan Boyle

Susan Boyle

Since April 11, much has been said about Susan Boyle, a Scottish singer and church volunteer who came to public attention after participating of the first episode of Britain’s got a talent. Click here to see the video.

Before she sang, both the audience and the judges appeared to express scepticism based on her unpolished appearance. In contrast, her vocal performance was so well received that she has been dubbed “The Woman Who Shut Up Simon Cowell.

Notwithstanding, some people say that she has become such a sensation in the world of music because of her appearance. On an interview to the Washington Post, Susan said that:

“Modern society is too quick to judge people on their appearances. […] There is not much you can do about it; it is the way they think; it is the way they are. But maybe this could teach them a lesson, or set an example.”

To sum up, there is a question which needs an answer: Is it really important to be fashionable in order to be famous? What is more important: talent or style? 


62 Responses to Talent x Fashion

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  2. Carla Chaves - RJ says:

    This video shows a lot of our society: how important looks are and how inclined we all are to judge a book by its cover. a lesson to all of us.

    • Marcia Beatriz says:

      It surely does Carla. It is the same reaction some shop assistants have regarding the way clients dress. I hate when they ask “Is that for you?”

      • Aurelio says:

        I totally agree with you, Marcia. Most of the times, people are disregarded for the way they are dressed. It is sort of like: if you’re not well dressed, you have no money. Therefore, if you have no money, why would shop assistants spend their time with you?

  3. Matheus, Beatriz and Amanda - Basic 5 - Goiânia SUL says:

    Matheus believes that the people only have to have talent for example: The vocalist of Iron Maiden.He is very ugly and makes success.
    Bia and Amanda believe that the people have to be fashionable and have to have talent.Since the person has talent,why not bring fashionable?
    We think that Susan Boyle is an exception because she is very different and ugly and she had the guts to go to a music show and show her voice to the audience,and managed to overcome the peoples laughters, becoming a new sensation.

  4. Arthur, Ana Luiza, Rafaela, Nathalia - Basic 5 - Goiânia SUL says:

    We think that if a person is ugly,probably she will be ignored. However,if the person is intelligent and ugly, probably she will manage to be noticed.
    For example: When Susan went to the stage, everybody started to make fool of her. However, when she sang everybody stood up and applauded her.

  5. kate1511 says:

    I think that people always considered appearence important. After all the first impression is essencial. After that the person can show his talent. This happens in all areas. Notwithstanding, it is more visible in the music area, because the people want to see their idols like gods. They want to admire the singers, copy their hairdo, their clothes, etc. The fashion will never substitute the talent, but I think that is important to keep a good appearance. Actually, it is a proof of self-love.
    Katarine – CE6 – Goiânia SUL.

  6. Elvis Peter - CEx-6 - Goiânia SUL says:

    In these days of evolution of population, we are living in a place that only the strongest ones will survives.
    Talent is a good and important virtue in each other. Who has talent can go far, but ahead in live, the person can fall down because his/her appearance. Everybody knows that, and tries to change in the begining of fame. We have like Preta Gil, Elis Regina for example.
    Style and talent have to be linked if you want to achieve a social upgrade in life without being an aim of criticism of ignorant people.

  7. Vinicius Lyzia, Adriano - CEx3 - Goiânia SUL says:

    In Lyzia’s opinion appearence is very important, because she thinks all the people like seeing person who is good-looking. In Vinicius and Adriano’s opinion, the talent is more important because it conquers the audience after the first presentation, because before this the people care about the style and only after, they know her talent.

  8. Rodrigo, Luciano, Ednilson - CEx3 - Goiânia SUL says:

    In Rodrigo, Ednilson and Luciano’s opinion, talent is more important than style because the style is so superficial and the talent is simply the essential. the appearence in our world is important but not the essential because it’s so tansitory. The style is important in the first moment, but when you recognise the talent of an artist you don’t care so much with his/her appearence any longer.

  9. ocean5 says:

    WOW! Amazing. She’s fantastic and a huge surprise. I loved watching it.
    Marcelo, Taguatinga – DF

  10. Nicolle and Larissa, Quintino, RS says:

    She’s amazing! We think that the judges learn that a person who is ugly doesn’t mean that this prson can’t got talent! We loved her voice, it was really beautiful.
    She show that the appearence doesn’t mean when you got a talent. She’s really ugly, but we think that she should be famous, ’cause her voice is really better than the voice of anothers singers who is really beautiful. The people should see her video and listen to her voice. Then think about their thoughts 🙂

    • Aurelio says:

      Nicolle and Larissa, you have a point there. I totally agree that Susan Boyle has given the judges a lesson on how NOT to judge a book for its cover. Thanks for commenting on our post.

  11. Wanderson GO - SUL says:

    For me the most important thing is the talent. The judges wanna watch what you can express with your creativity! So, we can’t judge people on the appearance, because the best artists exist in all styles as well.

  12. nathalia and thiago says:

    she’s a really good singer. we can see that a ugly person can sing well, and that people can’t judge the appearance. WE LOVE IT ((:

  13. Pedro Paulo & Lucas GO - SUL - GO says:

    Well on our opinion, isn’t needed just one of them… Is needed the two!! We don’t think somebody can be famous with just one of them.

  14. André Vinícius Goiânia Sul says:

    She is a perso thats is not beautiful,but sings beautifully.She overcame the espections that the public had and became a celebrity and an example for every body in the world.I mean,what she don´t have in beauty she has in her voice.
    How she can sing like that?
    just gods know

  15. Adriano Prudente GO - Sul says:

    Well, according to what a read about her, everyone can singer, she is just showing that you don’t have to be a member of the elite to sing like the famous ones. A nd the appearance don’t say anything about her.
    which one do you prefer?
    A handsome/beautiful boy/girl physically and unintelligent or this options but changing the beautiful physicAlly appearance to intelligent!

  16. André Vinícius Goiânia Sul says:

    sorry people: person,expectitions,god,knows***********************************

  17. Caíque - GO - Sul says:

    I think the talent is the most important, but the style in our society is important too. She can use her talent and have a great style. She can be famous without good looks, but quickly much people will criticise her clothes and style, and her succes can go down. If she matches her style and her talent, she will be successful.

    • Aurelio says:

      Wow, Caíque, what a nice comment this one of yours!

    • Karlarocha says:

      Well, once I heard that nowadays society is visual and it’s not hard to see. Cause, some decades ago people listened to music and think about their own precious moments with their beloveds, but nowaday we think about a movie where that music was played or we just think about a clip. And of course, people who participate in these clips should have sex appeal and they have to be pretty too. The voice and the lyrics are not the most important anymore… I’m saying it cause it’s not a secret that beautiful people, with no reamarkable voices, become a success singing a song that is coumpound of few verses.
      In other hand, people are not so numb in order not to recognize great talent when they see it. That’s why people cheered her so effusivelly. It’s important to notice that her flair is giving her some fame, but how much time can it endure?
      It’s necessary to believe that someday we (humans) will change and stop being influenced by prejudice. And in this day a person like she will sing in a music show without fight against prejudice, sarcasm or disbelief.
      To sum up, talent is important, but nowadays is not enough to feed fame for a long time.

  18. Laura and Elisa, Goiânia - Sul, GO says:

    We agree with her when she said “Modern society is too quick to judge people on their appearances”, because people just care about money and how they look. We are living in a material world and people are too worried about their look that they are always doing plastic surgeries. And this happens to the black people too. People judge them because of their skin, and that is wrong.
    Susan Boyle was judged because of her look, but when she sang, she showed the world who she really is inside, and how talented she is. So, we should take her as an example.

  19. Antonio-Goiânia sul says:

    In my opinion, talente is more important than fashion.Unfortunately society dont agree, if you want to be accepted you need to take care of appearance too.

  20. Leandro says:

    The talent will never be disposable but to be commercial the artists must use their look.
    There are many examples of careers built just with smiles, hair and make up.
    We have to remember that in showbusiness being fashionable doesn’t mean being beautiful or handsome.

  21. Marcelo,Goiânia-Sul,GO says:

    Well, I reckon that talent is the most important thing in a singer and Susan Boyle has this. We live in a word that appearance is more important than fellings, love, talent. Susan has something that anyone can take it.

  22. To our mind, of course talent is much more important than style. We can see trought the video, when Susan Boyle first appeared in the program, people were against to her and they never expected such talent! After she started singing everbody got stunned because of her wonderful voice. Unfortunately, the majority of our society usually jugde people by their style instead of their talent!

  23. matheus carneiro says:

    for a person to be famouse she/he has to be talented and stylish and some times money because one thing leads to another thing, because if a person who doesnt have talent she will not have a chance.
    but some people like susan have the sort to have the chance.

  24. Ana Luísa Goiânia Sul says:

    Nowadays, if you haven’t style, you have to spend money showing your talent to the world. If you want to be a model, for exemple, and you are beautiful, you just have to “walk on the streets” to be called to do this job. But if you want to be a singer, and you haven’t style, it’s dificult, so that you have to save money for the beginning of your career.

  25. Alceu Taguatinga DF says:

    In my opnion, talent is more important than style. If you have style and no talent, that`s a problem. However, if you have talent and no style, it`s OK: style can be improved.

  26. Lorena Taguatinga DF says:

    I think talent is essencial to get into a carrer of fame, but style is important too.

  27. Paulo and Alex Taguatinga DF says:

    Well, it is not like talent and style are mutually exclusive. But Susan showed us that talent can overcome beauty. But then again, they both serve different purposes.

  28. Ana Paula Taguatinga DF says:

    Nowadays we see how the society is superficial,when we start talking about celebrities.In this way,most people believe that to be famous you must have beauty but Susan Boyle proved that talent is much more important and I agree with her.

  29. Carol Taguatinga DF says:

    Nowadays, everybody considers style more important than talent. I think that to be famous we need both of them, but definitely, talent is priority.

  30. Michelle Layne - Cultura Taguatinga says:

    Susan Boyle brought up this important question. She embarassed the public. She really has talent and sympathy (she joked when they asked her how old is she). I think she isn´t very shy, because if she were, would never do that.
    I think both things help to be famous: talent and style. But, in many cases, like Susan´s case, it ins´t necessary to have the two qualities. It depends of the activity and the context. Generally, on the TV programms, the beauty is very demanding.
    I´ve read on the website Youtube about the performance of Susan, and somebody said: “How many Susans we meet during our lives and we ignored them”?
    Very interesting.

  31. lishc says:

    Many people are hypocritical when said: Oh, the talent is more important…. the style doesn’t matter
    and blá blá blá…. In point of view it depends on the kind of music and the singer. Imaging Suzan singing like a Beyoncé? It will be ridiculous… so she has a sweet and incredible voice and has a style according her songs. Sure that she could improve your appearance becouse who don’t like to feel beautiful??? Why not have talent and be nifty??? It depends on each person!

  32. Alberto (interlink 4) says:

    Will it be that it is important if the person is ugly or not?, the person being talented. The beauty not even any world has, The talent they have Someone. But in my opinion I believe that it is better has the talent, of which the appearance

  33. Simone Corrêa, Águas Claras, DF says:

    What’s really interesting here is that the judge couldn’t simply be astonished by her beautiful voice, but the whole preconception derived from Susan’s appearance. It’s high time we started reflecting on the way we tend to judge a book by its cover.


  34. Lucas Felipe and Ana Taguatinga DF says:

    Talent is more important cuz Susan isn`t a fashionable woman, but she has a beautiful voice, and Susan conquered everybody with her voice.

  35. Ana Clara e Natalia Taguatinga DF says:

    In my opinion in the USA the people think beauty is more important than the personality and Suzan Boyle showed she isn`t beautiful but she has talent.

    kisses :*

  36. Pedro Henrique and Thais Taguatinga DF says:

    In our opinion talent is more important than style, but this world is about physical appearence, but Susan Boyle showed to the world that talent is more important than style, because there are many beautiful people in the world, but there aren`t many people with talent in the world.

  37. Pollyana and Isabella Goiânia - Sul Basic 5 says:

    The woman isn’t beautiful or pretty, but her voice could revolutionise the world. She is special for her special way.
    Her talent is more important than her looks.She’s simple and her simplicity is her beauty…

  38. Thalliana, Danielly and Victória - Goiânia Sul - B5 says:

    We think that depends on the situation. In this one, the talent is more important, cuz the show looks for the best musicians!

  39. Camila e Priscila - Bsb Asa Sul says:

    Susan Boyle showed us that appearance is not the most important thing to consider when we’re analizing the word “talent”. She has dreams and she fight for them. When she said she was going to be a great singer, everybody laughed at her. However, when she started singing, the people got really impressed. She’s proof that everyone can do what they want to.

  40. Sofia and Rafaela BSB Asa Sul says:

    We think the people don’t have to jugde the person before they really known them. when something like that happens the person feels embarassed and dont show your talent, Susan Boyle had courage to sing for everybody who was laughting of her! She showed to the word that talent is more important than appearence and style.

  41. Hugo e Carolina - bsb asa sul says:

    well, we think the talent is more important then style. Susan Boyle don’t have any style however she has a lot of talent.That proves that style is not that important.after we saw her video me and carol were a comoved.

    \,,/. ò.ó .\,,/

  42. Eduardo YE3 says:

    Yes, it’s really important to be of the fashinable when you want be a famous, because you must have a good appearance for the press. Your image are going to be published.
    Talent and style. Both are really important. When you have a talent ,and this talent go to the all world, you need a good style. If you don’t have a good style the press don’t publish about you.

    • Aurelio says:

      I totally agree with you, Eduardo. Very nice comment this one of yours. I hope you can keep on posting comments here!


  43. Secretsurfer says:

    OMG!! We can’t belive it!
    we thought that was boring, but when we saw…
    She sang perfectlly! we had a surprise.
    We wanna watch another video with her! But we hope that she can be more beautiful on the next one >-<‘ ~

  44. Aurelio says:

    Here you are the link for the video.

  45. Bruna e Izisrael says:

    I think people judge other people by image, this is true, we now. People should say less shit. That woman sings a lot. I wanna marry hear.

  46. Marcela Go-Sul says:

    This video is a lesson to everybody..to show us that judging another person by image is a bad way to think,because it doesn’t mean anything..

  47. Marcelo - GO says:

    Someone has Susan Boyle’s e-mail ?? I thought that she is the most beautiful woman that i have ever seen and the best singer of opera.

  48. Priscila PalomaGo_Sul says:

    I think the talent doesn’t have anything to do with fashion,and the people don’t be ridiculous with this.When you have a good talent you are think later about your fashion clothes.

  49. ricardãoGO-Sul says:

    my god,how she was unknow for 47
    years with this voice?

  50. Marina Alves- Aguas Claras says:

    I think Shaheen Jafargholi is better than Susan!

  51. ian alves says:

    ounw i think she is very fat

  52. ian alves says:

    ounw i think she is very good

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