The band/singer I’d like to see play in Brazil is….


tom_waitsTom Waits. His music is strange; either you will hate it or love it, I have seen DVDs of him playing live – he always changes his songs, you never know what to expect next!

Take a look at the video.

What about you? Who would you like to see play live?

David Farrow – Goiania


17 Responses to The band/singer I’d like to see play in Brazil is….

  1. Aurelio says:

    Wow, what a voice this guy has, David! I’m impressed. If he came for a tour in Brazil, I would probably go to his concert.

    I wish I could see Tina Turner play live. She is simply amazing. Apart from her, live plays of the Pet Shop Boys, Eric Clapton, Michael Bublé and B.B. King would be stunning.

  2. cristiane says:

    the music is very complex but Tom Waits has a beatiful voice.

  3. pedreuler says:

    Pink Floyd again!!! If one day I have this chance certainly I’ll be there… No matter the place, the event justify any price!!!

  4. Karlarocha says:

    Well, what can i say? His work is really really odd. I admire his courage, because show a work like this exposes him… People probably criticizes him a lot. It’s easy to see that he prepares carefully his shows, light, clothes, cenary, posture and movements. It’s hard to guess what he’ll do. In other hand, his voice is out of tune, sometimes his voice looks like a person suffering such a painful sensation. In my point of view, music has to be a peaceful thing.
    The singers that I wanna see are dead.

  5. pvzin says:

    Now that’s an odd dude, but still good.. 😛
    A band that really gets my attention nowadays is Matt Fisher & the Telephone Junkies..
    I’d totally go to one of their concerts..
    If you guys wanna check it out here are some videos: and
    …and the official myspace page:
    Hope you guys dig it.. xD

  6. David says:

    I liked the band you suggested pvzin – the music grows on you the more you listen to them. Pedreuler – have seen Pink Floyd?? Tell us about it! Where did you see them? What did they play? I’d love to know more.

  7. oh, i really wanna see Ida Maria in Brasil. She’s fantastic! Sings very well, it’s so good. But anyone knows her…
    Maybe The Last Shadow Puppets too. They are amazing, but again, any one knows they :/
    you should try listening the bouth.

    • borap says:

      Sarah, I have to admit I have never heard of Ida Maria,but I checked her out on Youtube – here’s one of links:

      Nice one. How did you learn about her?

  8. Simone Corrêa, Águas Claras, DF says:

    Hi there!

    Ida Maria rocks!

    I’d like to see Living colour (again) in Brasil.
    They’re greeeeeat!!!

    Check it out and give your opinion:


  9. plus1vb says:

    Plus 1- Goiânia, Bueno.

    We would like to see The Black Eyed Peas, singing Boom Boom Pow in Goiânia because this song really rocks!!!!
    check it. 😀

  10. b5bueno says:

    Basic 5 Goiânia Bueno

    We would like to see Mcfly playing live in Goiânia. They are hot! :9 And they really rock!
    Have a look:


  11. 23blackdog says:

    Mc fly is very nice but we prefer Katy Perry!
    check this video ;D

  12. plus4madcow says:

    Plus 4 – Goiânia – Bueno

    We’d like to see The Red Hot Chili Peppers in Brazil (especially in mad Cow Park – for free) LOL =D.

    c u later oligator

  13. Bianca B2- Bueno says:

    I love the katy perry and her songs are the good, but I prefer Gabriella Cilmi, especially this song Sweet About Me, This song is great

    Take a look at the video.

  14. Bianca B2- Bueno says:

  15. Cynthia - GoiâniaSul-GO says:

    I’d love to see Taylor Swift on Brazil. She’s so cute and her songs move me a lot.

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