What does it take to be a rock/pop star?

alpha_rockstar2This afternoon I watched a video sent by Mila. Click here to take a look at it

After watching this video, I kept myself thinking of how anonymous people become famous.

In your opinion, what does it take to be a rock/pop star?


16 Responses to What does it take to be a rock/pop star?

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  2. cristinafurtado says:

    It definitely takes a lot of guts.
    As we can see, there aren’t a lot of pretty things out there!!!!

  3. p4trici4 says:

    It may take only four cords to be a pop star, but I’d say it takes much more to be around for decades as did The Beatles or U2. What say you?


  4. Macelo, Taguatinga - DF says:

    That’s true, Cristina, it takes a lot of guts… but there’s people for everything in the world. I know I wouldn’t like to be veeeery famous, but being known is not at all bad, is it?

  5. Karla Rocha says:

    It involves some important facts like ability, charisma, beauty, youth, lucky, but not in this order and sometimes some of them don’t need to exist. Why am i saying this? Well, these abilities can include a beautiful voice, capacity of sing loud or low without being out of tune. Charisma, because in the show, the singer don’t sing all the time, sometimes he stops and starts to talk with people who are watching him, and he should know something interesting. Sometimes, magazines, radio stations, tv channels interview the star and he/her have to know what to say to cause a good impression in his/her fans. Beauty and youth, cause nowadays people like to see the singer participation in a video clip and some photos. Since telly’s invention world became interested in visual. And the public which like these music styles is generally young and they like stars who reflects their own reality. Lucky is linked with arrange a good agent, because the focus of great singers is the public. Success depend on find the answer two questions: “Who is my public? What they like?”, weather the singer answer these two questions properly he/she will be famous.

  6. Alessandro says:

    got to, at least, like rock n roll…nowadays we have many “”””””rock””””””bands that the “””””musicians””””” even like rock n roll (how is it possible??) it’s a shame

  7. cristinafurtado says:

    Yeah, it’s true that there are great people around and we make them live.
    What about those’not so great’ bands? How do they hit number on on the billboard? Are we responsible for that too????


  8. Karla Rocha says:

    Yes, we are responsible for the success of these bands too! If a band is successful, is because people like them. But, if the band is not good, why does it happen?
    Firstly, can be lack of education. I’ll talk about Brazil first and after about the World. Look, the teachers of public schools are not motivated to learn more and they have a lot of convicible reasons like low salaries, no hope of achiving better posts, the students are not polite or interested in learning, etc. So, the results are the worsest. Students finish High School without understanding what they read, knowing how to write a good composition. Obviously, to apreciate music or any sort of art people must have some culture, knowledge. That’s why funks, forrós or pagodes which have no sense (to not say pornography) lyrics usually have favorable outcome.
    Secondly, people are drunk or use some kind of narcotic in parties (like raves or baile funks) and in this case they are unable to understand the music. That’s why eletronic music become famous.
    Third, many people (not everybody) don’t wanna think about lyrics, songs or voices. It’s easier, in order to not waste time or just to be accept in some group (indys, rockers, emos, etc), listen fashion singers or in other words, the singers which the radio stations choose. Music is not related with our own feelings, it’s something that society obbey us to like, listen.
    In conclusion, people have to change themselves and discover what are the most important things. Because, apreciate music depend on our own emotions, feelings, thougts. Education is important to avoid this. Listen carefully the music and avaluate it is important too. And, we should know that if, we are not prepared to taste all kinds of musics and say to the World “Yes, this is the music which make my heart sings! I don’t mind if this is oldfashion or if x group don’t like it! You should accept me and what I like!”. If, we don’t show who we really are the meaning of our lifes will be drain, all of our senses will be susceptible to damage. And these bands will continue to exist and more, they will be famous.

  9. I believe that a pop star is a pop star not just because we made them it – it’s not a completely truth.

    There are some items that become a ordinary person in a pop star and many of them we received when we ‘came to this world’. Everyone get here with something special (good fortune, talent, wisdom etc) but it’s not perfect neither completely ready.

    I think, we have just some seems of them, so we need to cultivate them. It doesn’t matter if you have a seem of talent – for example – and you throw it in the rubish. We were born with some seems but unfortunately our arrogance make us forget those in a dark and hidden place where it will never grow.

    There are many popstar that, of course, were made by the industry but it ‘s not the rule.

    Welington R. Braga – CI – Campo Grande, Rio de Janeiro, RJ

  10. I think that there are two possible ways of becoming famous: the first one is talent, of course. Yes, there are people who were born to sing and Susan Boyle is a perfect example of that. If you take a look at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RxPZh4AnWyk you’ll see what I am talking about. Apart from Susan Boyle, I can mention Ella Fitzgerald, one of the most powerful and respected voices ever heard. When she started to sing, she used to be disregarded and neglected for being “ugly” and in the end, all we have is a legacy of talent, and vocal sweetness and magnificency.

    On the other hand, if you are beautiful/handsome, popular, trendy and smart, you have a (big) chance to become famous. Take the boybands like Five, N’SYNC, Westlife, Backstreet Boys and Hanson (just to mention a few) as an example. Those boys are not talented enough to sing, but the fact of having all the features previously mentioned was more than enough to make them become pop stars. In this point, I totally agree with Wellington Braga, from CI – Campo Grande – RJ.

  11. mark james says:


  12. pvzin says:

    I’d say you must go for it.. Try hard and practice a lot..
    Catch up good influences and start on your own way to make music..

  13. Well, i dont really know what we have to do or to be a rock/pop star, but, 1 thing is : you need to got talent.Practice hard too.
    I play alot, but it isnt easy, trainning,praticing, will make me a professional in what i want.
    Felipe and Gabriel ASA SUL-BSB

  14. Well, we think that you need to practice hard and don’t ever give up.But you also need to got talent.Practice hard and you’ll do it!

    Felipe and Gabriel Asa Sul-BSB

  15. raphaelsnac says:


  16. raphaelsnac says:

    Well, basically you need talent and a lot of guts

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