Welcoming everybody

Hello, there!

Welcome to MusiCultura, the grooviest place in Cyberspace where students and teachers from Cultura Inglesa share ideas and experiences about music.

What would you like to talk about?


5 Responses to Welcoming everybody

  1. Chris says:

    I guess I’d like to talk about what those guys from the 80’s are doing now. People like Pet Shop Boys, Information Society, and others. I remember going to parties (at friends’ houses, of course) and they were so popular.

  2. Cadu says:

    I know this blog is NOT about TV series, but I guess you should talk about the contestants in American Idol, They are awesome, dude!

  3. cristinafurtado says:

    Chris, I just loved your idea!!!! Talking about the 80s brings great memories…

  4. p4trici4 says:

    The 80s… Cris, I agree with you. Those were great times, especially for someone like me who was a teen then, having to learn English with few options of authentic materials available. And music was definitely one of them. Give me the 80s anyday!!!


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