Amy Winehouse and Jay-Z together again?

The rapper Jay-Z said that Amy Winehouse  “has a really powerful voice, it is so distinctive and beautiful” and added that he would “love to work with her again”.

Check here Amy’s hit Rehab remixed by Jay-Z.

Do you like this combination?


4 Responses to Amy Winehouse and Jay-Z together again?

  1. Cadu says:

    Amy Winehouse is unique … Did you know that she refused to do a duet with Justin Timberlake?? I love her, I really do!
    Cadu – Macaé

  2. Karla Rocha says:

    Well, Amy Winehouse is defenitely not one of my passions, but she sings alone or with Jay-Z is the same to me. Cause, her voice is really more powerful and expressive than his voice, so he almost don’t exist. In my point of view, if Jay-Z could be compared with a star, Amy would be the noon sun. Jay-Z is blinded by Amy in the video clip.

  3. Dérick Mendes says:

    I think that Amy and Jay-Z could be a good musical style combination. It’s so visible Amy’s vocal potential and Jay-Z always make the songs get more and more beautiful and interesting. I don’t like rap and hip-hop so much but I’m sure that Amy isn’t good enough to refuse his contribuation in one of her songs. I’m looking foward to see this new job ready…

  4. nathalia and thiago-Goiânia sul says:

    wu think amy is a amazing singer,but she isn’t beautiful like jay-z said. but i’m sure they are not toguether because he’s married with beyonce.

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