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  1. Cadu says:

    You know what, music is one of my passions and I love every single kind of music (including ‘funk’ e ‘axé’, why not??? Ok, how is it possible to have fun in a barbecue if not listening to these two peculiar kinds of music? (laugh)).

  2. Marines says:

    Hi guys! I’m a big fan of U2 and have been to 2 of their concerts!
    Their official site has tons of interesting info! Check it out!!
    Cheers,Marines (Cultura Inglesa teacher-Quintino-Porto Alegre-RS)

  3. milinharibber says:

    Hey everybody! I’m a big fan of Good Charlotte so my favourite kind of song is rock! Cadu, I just listen to funk and axe when the barbecue is not at my home! ‘Cause I can’t complaim that’s why I don’t agree with you! Hey, if you wanna know more about Good Charlotte check it out >

    I’m sure you’ll like it!

    See ya,
    Milinha (Cultura Inglesa-São Gonçalo-RJ)

  4. Renato says:

    I agree with Marines Says,I really like U2, because this band has relaxing songs and good lyrics

  5. Yasmin GO-sul says:

    I really like Coldplay,which I think is the best band ever =)so,rock is my favourite type of music = )

  6. Hello everyone what’s up?
    I think the best kinda music its trance, it’s really up and “happy” haha!
    And makes you dont stop moving =P
    Here’ll go my vote

  7. Aline C. Gyn-Sul says:

    hi ppl;
    the best kind of music i can think of is pop/rock
    i rlly love it
    i don´t like classical or country music at all tho… ~ ;*
    C yuh~!

  8. ana GO-sul says:

    hi everybody! I agree if ricardão, I realy like go to the trance and dance, the song make people happy and nobody like to go out ! But romantics songs are very funny too, when you like to stay alone with your boyfriend

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